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Personal Training

  • Learn functional movement patterns

  • Improve joint mobility

  • Develop strength

  • Learn the use of kettlebells through the principles of  StrongFirst, the school of strength.

  • Learn animal moves, traveling forms, stretches, and movement flows.

Budakalász, Omszk park:

​all weekdays mornings and middays​​

8000HUF/60 minutes 

Get strong and confident! 
Gain muscle, loose fat! 

Reach your true potential!

Why Kettlebell

What is StrongFirst

Pavel Tsatsouline introduced the Russian kettlebell to the West in 1998 and started the kettlebell revolution.

Pavel founded StrongFirst, the “school of strength”, to bring “low tech/high concept” methods of achieving high performance and resilience to men and women from all walks of life, not just elite warriors and athletes.

The StrongFirst Instructor:

Our system cannot spread without Instructors. Our Instructors set us apart. They teach their students to get Strong… first, knowing that being Strong improves all other aspects of life. Our Instructors exemplify our Core Values, believe in our principles and follow the StrongFirst Code:

I am a Student of Strength.

I am a Quiet Professional.

Strength has a Greater Purpose.

A session with a StrongFirst Instructor is not a passive experience. Their eyes will be on you, ensuring you understand the nuances of technique and safe, strong execution. You will be mentally engaged in the process… it is nothing at all like a mindless routine that you might see in the group fitness room of an ordinary gym. You are learning new skills here, and these skills will make you stronger than you believed you could be.

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